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Setmybike, the app for riders to share bike and track data

Available for iOS and Android, the application is a large virtual datasheet of information shared by amateurs and professionals alike

Setmybike is the professional app, available for both iOS and Android devices, which allows track enthusiasts - amateurs and drivers - to have everything under control. That is to say? The goal of the app, created by Matteo Martini, is "Carefully choose the parameters such as the right tire pressure, the suspension settings, the electronics settings and the weather, all based on the data sent by the members", Reads the site.

How does it work

In other words, Setmybike is a large virtual data sheet: "A database of shared information, which can be enriched with data coming from direct experience on the track". The setup of the bikes among the riders is a common habit: creating it helps to create subsequent ones, based on the results obtained and on data relating to tire pressures, engine maps, suspension settings. Setmybike, we read on the website, "allows drivers to approach their sessions on the track as if they always had a team of experts at their side". There are two ways to use the app: with the standard version or doing thepremium subscription (3 euros per month), to unlock all its features.

The objectives

The debut took place in January 2021 and in recent months the app has begun to make itself known: "Our goal is to be a fundamental accessory for the tracker, just like a helmet, suit or electric blanket can be. Thanks to our ease of use and continuous updates we want to cover all the needs and requirements of the users of the track in both an amateur and professional way, with the desire to be the pilot's best friend".

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