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INMOTO.it – L’app per Piloti

INMOTO.it - The app for pilots

We thank INMOTO magazine for dedicating this fantastic article to us! We are delighted to have a place on their e-paper. Below you can find their article in full. Setmybike, the app for riders to share bike and track data Available for iOS and Android, the application is a large virtual data sheet of information shared by [...]

Su GPONE parlano di noi…

On GPONE they talk about us ...

We thank the GPONE team for dedicating this fantastic article to us! We are delighted to have a place on their e-paper. Below you can find their full article. SetMyBike is born: The app to create and share the set-up of each bike on the track An interesting startup dedicated to those who usually frequent the curbs and want to have a [...]

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